Commercial Services

It is a fact that the outward appearance of a business is as important as the inside presentation. Customers form their first impressions of your business by what’s on the outside. Clean sidewalks, parking lots and walkways give your business a neat and clean appearance and limit the amount of dirt that is tracked inside. Clean vehicles make an impression on the highway and make your company logo stand out. No matter what your commercial cleaning need is, Ultra Wash has the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment guaranteed to make your business shine!

Our commercial Power washing and steam cleaning services include:

Fleet Washing: Save your company time and money by hiring us to clean all the vehicles in your fleet. Regularly cleaning your fleet of trucks, vans, buses, cars or other vehicles with our customized surface solution is guaranteed to get your vehicles noticed out on the highway.

Gas Stations/Service Stations/Fuel Islands: Gas stations see hundreds of people per day, which can rapidly age the look of your station. It’s also good bet that none of your customers want to stand in spilled oil or dumped out coffee while they refuel. Our regularly scheduled power washing services are guaranteed to keep your customers happy and keep your station looking brand new!

Spills: We remove unsightly spills, such as paint, oil, and food from any area including your shipping/receiving area, loading docks, driveways, sidewalk, streets and parking lots. We utilize an environmentally safe process which completely protects storm drains from pollutants and toxic runoff.

Water Recovery: Ultra Wash protects the environment by properly disposing of contaminated water and debris from each job site.

Buildings: We help clean and protect your real estate investments: Apartment complexes, malls, office buildings, homes & more.

Sidewalks, walkways & paths: Mold, mildew and fungus grow on sidewalks and walkways and are easily tracked into your place of business. Regularly cleaning these areas not only eliminates a buildup of these dangerous fungi, but also improves the overall look of your business.

Commercial Pools: Call Ultra Wash before you refill that empty in-ground pool! Our power washing process removes the algae and mold from the sides and bottom pool sand from the pool apron. We’ll restore your entire pool to its original look in time for the summer swimming season.

Awnings: Awnings add character, color and charm to the front of your business. Keep your awning gleaming and make a great impression on your customers by using Ultra Wash to clean your awning. Awning cleaning is a specialized field due to the numerous types of materials that are used to make awnings. Our technicians are experts in recognizing awning materials and matching them with the proper cleaning solution to remove dirt, grime, grease, mold and other harmful pollutants.

Events – Pre and Post Clean: We make the location of your wine festival, Farmers Market, street fair or other event welcoming before your patrons arrive and then return the area to its rightful condition after the event. Our services remove dirt, grime, spills, gum and other residues from streets, sidewalks, buildings, awnings, parking lots and more!

Road Cleaning: We can help your city stay spic ‘n span with our road cleaning services that include bus stops & shelters, city squares, roads, and more!

Parking Garages & Parking Lots: The first thing your customers see is your parking lot or garage. Impress them by cleaning your parking lot or parking garage regularly to remove dirt, scum, oil, gum, and grease. Our power washing services improve the look of your business on the outside and keep the dirt from coming inside your business.

Engine & Heavy Equipment Cleaning: Our heavy-duty power washing removes built up dirt on heavy equipment and industrial vehicles such as bulldozers, tractors, trailers and more!

Graffiti Removal: Graffiti removal is a tedious process. First, the surface type and substance to be removed must be identified. Second, the appropriate removal method must be selected and finally a protective coating must be applied to the surface to prevent the reappearance of more graffiti. Our technicians are experts in determining the best, most efficient power washing process for your unique surface.

Gum Removal: Why do people put their gum in places other than the garbage can? We don’t have the answer to this frequently asked question, but we can guarantee that our hot water process can remove gum – anywhere!

Construction Site Cleanup: When the contractor finally finishes your new state of the art office building and you have businesses ready to move in, we clean the property and make it “move-in” ready for your tenants and customers.

Bird Dropping Removal: Bird droppings can be harmful to humans and cause corrosion on various surfaces. Let our team of experts remove bird droppings from your business, sidewalk, company trucks, and then decontaminate the area so that it’s safe and appealing to your customers.


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